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What are Otakukin

 What are Otakukin? Generally speaking Otakukin are people who have a spiritual connection to what are considered fictional characters, or worlds. They are different from ‘soulbonders’ because Otakukin believe it is that they share an identity or soul with a given character, while soulbonders believe that they are in communication with an outside entity. Otakukin are different from Otherkin who believe that their souls are derived from mythical creatures; Otakukin believe their souls are derived from ‘modern myths’ of pop culture literature and entertainment, usually Japanese in origin.

 To be brief, and blunt, most Otakukin believe that they have the souls of anime characters, or at least come from worlds represented by anime, or other modern fiction. Many Otakukin attribute this belief to reincarnation, although some have other definitions of their origin. Although you may be asking yourself how someone can be the reincarnation of a person that doesn’t exist, for most Otakukin their identity hinges on the belief in multiple dimensions or words wherein other situations, including those depicted in anime, actually happen.

 Because of the perceived extreme nature of their beliefs Otakukin are generally considered crazy, or attention seeking by not only the mainstream, but by most other subcultures, including Otherkin- their closest neighbor in spirituality.

 It is because of this constant misunderstanding, ridicule and occasionally outright persecution, that many Otakukin are unwilling to speak out about their beliefs and experiences, even on the internet, which has been a traditional safe haven for radical and unpopular ideas. I hope that this website will help to foster a better understanding of the Otakukin phenomenon.