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Let’s do the Time Rant Again

A question I am asked too damned often is “Mordax, how can you be reborn from a time that hasn’t happened yet, ie an anime set in the future?” except usually its phrased in the most insulting way possible, and has poor grammar and spelling.

They ask me this AFTER they’ve already read that I believe otakukin are from other universes. What they don’t seem to understand is that it’s not the same time and year in every possible universe. Of COURSE it’s not the same in every universe, why would it be? Some started earlier, or later, some don’t even measure time the way we currently do. It would be absolutely astounding if every possible world was attuned to the same time frame.

The only reason I can come up with for people to think this way is that they believe every fiction that is supposed to be set at a date later than the calendar is supposed to be OUR future, the future of this universe. This is frankly stupid, people. It’s fiction, not prophecy. William Gibson didn’t expect his ideas in Neuromancer to happen, and neither do I. Maybe something similar will happen if we develop technology along those lines, but the characters and events are not going to happen here (almost certainly). They already happened in some other universe. In an infinite number of universes, all beginning their existence at different points in comparison to this one. In other universes they’re happening now. In some more, they won’t happen until far into the future because it’s still the Precambrian era, or the renaissance or what have you.

I’ll put it the way, people in this universe can be born with the memories of people who the calendar says haven’t died yet, or haven’t been born yet, because they were born in another universe where more time has passed since the creation of that universe than has in this one. Even though I might not have died until 2034 by the way my universe counts time, that is the *past* of my universe. It’s not 2043 there anymore. And when I died in 2034, by the way my universe counted time, it was 1986 by the way THIS universe counted time when I was born.

What seems to be the ‘future’ is an artifact of calendars. Saying I was reborn before I died first is like saying if a baby is born in one time zone, and moved into another zone where the clock is earlier, that the baby can’t exist because it hasn’t been born yet. Ridiculous, right?

 If I set the clock on my computer to say that its 1969, and then kill myself, I won’t have been dead for decades. If I go to a country where they don’t use the Gregorian calendar it won’t be years in the future. If I go to Pluto, which has a solar year equal to hundreds of Earth years, I won’t live to be 80 Pluto years old.

There are universes out there where it hasn’t been 2009 for millennia. And there are universes out there that sure as anything don’t count time from the birth of a carpenter.

The moral of this story is this. Don’t confuse real time with the way we count time.

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