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Otakukin and Religion

Because it deals with what happens to us after death many people erroneously assume that otakukin belong to some kind of new religion. This is not the case. After all, even atheists have beliefs about what happens when we die.

A religion sets forth a great number of interlocking beliefs for its followers, and includes a set of prescribed and proscribed social behaviors for the group; a coherent and complete worldview which followers can apply universally.

To be an otakukin one only has to have one belief to make him such; that he shares the soul of a person depicted as a character in the fiction of this earth. Though we may offer possibilities as to why we have these souls, there is no universally agreed upon belief as to the origin; no belief that could brand someone a ‘heretic’ otakukin. Believe that you were reborn here from another universe, or believe that the collected thoughts and belief of others called the character into existence inside your mind, or any other possible origin, and you’re still an otakukin. Even if there was an approved reason, that would still not a religion make, because being an otakukin offers no moral or social guide. So you are an otakukin; there is no list of actions you should take because of it.

Being an otakukin is a fundamental belief about the nature of one’s inner self, and as such is unique to each person. The otakukin belief can really only be applied to a narrow set of circumstances in the average life; there’s no reason to say, because we are otakukin none of us may eat beef. However, if someone were an otakukin of someone who has his own reasons for not eating beef, he may follow that. But anything beyond our mutual ‘fictional’ souls cannot really be shared between otakukin.

Consequently otakukin may additionally be of any religion. Though most of the ones that I personally know are either atheist, Buddhist or pagan, I am sure that there are some otakukin from the less restrictive branches of Christianity, though the belief would not mesh with most evangelical beliefs.

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