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Otakukin, Otherkin and Soulbonders

Two terms often heard in conjunction with Otakukin are ‘Soulbonder’ or ‘soulbond’ and ’Otherkin’. While both of these terms are related in many ways to the phenomena of Otakukin, none of them should be confused for one another.

Remember that the generally an Otakukin is defined as someone who believes their soul originated in a universe portrayed in this worlds fiction, generally as an anime.

An Otherkin on the er, “other” hand are people who believe that their soul is in some way non-human, be it elf, demon, dragon, wolf, etc. While this category would technically include many Otakukin, who were also originally non human, Otherkin in general try to distance themselves and keep separate from Otakukin, mostly for fear of seeming less credible by association.

Soulbonders, by and large, are otherwise normal people who believe they are in contact with the souls of fictional characters; that these characters communicate with them in their minds, like a medium channeling spirits. While these characters may take temporary control of a Soulbonders body, they are not the original inhabiting soul, and therefore do not generally consider themselves Otakukin. Some Otakukin, however, also are Soulbonders.

There are many similarities between these three groups who all share experiences beyond the realm of accepted human existence, and unfortunately many differences too. Most Otherkin consider the idea that someone can be a reincarnated Elf possible, yet dismiss the idea of being Legolas reincarnated as impossibility. Soulbonders regularly speak with the spirits of fictional characters, but many disbelieve the idea that those characters can be reborn here and now.

If any of these groups is to gain a measure of acceptance and respect in even the fringes of main stream society, a greater measure of communication and concerted effort between them will certainly be necessary.