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The Doppelganger Problem:

What Otakukin Do about Identical Identities

The question that I probably hear the most on the topic of Otakukin, aside from ‘are you insane’ is ‘what do two Otakukin do if they both think they are the same character?’ 

I thought that I had touched on this subject before on another page, but looking back it appears that I was mistaken, and thus, will tackle the question now. Obviously I can’t answer for all Otakukin, I wouldn’t presume so much, but I will relate my own experience and opinions.

First of all I’d like to reiterate that it’s fairly uncommon for two Otakukin to even be related to the same fiction, let alone the same character within that fiction; however, the question is not moot, because it has happened.

I for instance, know of at least one other person who claims to believe themselves to be Ken Ichijouji. We’ve never spoken directly, as the person isn’t part of the Otakin community.

Most people seem to think that two Otakukin with the ‘same’ identity must inevitably fight about who is the ‘real’ one and who is the ‘impostor’. This assumes that there is a ‘real’ one. In most thought frames of Otakukin there need not be only one of any given character, either because infinite variant universes allow for infinite versions of the character to be possibly reincarnated, or because souls can exist in more than one body, or because the persons Otakukin bond is spiritual without needing direct reincarnation, or a variety of other reasons.

Perhaps some people do believe that anyone else claiming to be the person they believe themselves to be is mistaken or a pretender- if they do they are polite enough to keep that opinion to themselves. I have not yet seen a battle between Sailor Moons- and considering how many of them there seem to be this would be a likely area for dispute.

I’ll admit to feeling occasional resentment toward the other ‘Ken’, but I also admit that it’s a pretty irrational thing to be resentful about given my own understanding of my identity.

I suppose the reason for any resentment between two people with identical identities is that every person wants to believe himself to be unique, that their pain and joy is their own. Thankfully this is one of the few areas that has not yet caused visible conflict between the Otakukin that I know.