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Hanging Together vs. Hanging Separately

The kin community, especially the otakukin/fictionkin community is not a very active one. In fact it’s a very inactive one. There are a number of reasons for this, not the least of which is that we are a diverse bunch of people who sometimes have very little in common except for believing that our souls mirror characters from fiction.

Another, more disturbing reason is that it seems the more we get together and talk about ourselves, the more we attract the unwanted attention of well, gawkers, trolls and people who don’t like us very much.

This is because when we talk, we say things that sound to an outsider, stupid or crazy, or both. Questions like ‘What’s your Sephiroth like?’ meant sincerely to open up interesting conversation about a phenomenon shared by literally dozens of people, are laughed at by guilty bystanders. Why? There are an infinite number of different Sephioroths, and they do seem to pop up like crazy. (Like Hitler, he seems to be one of the key figures of evil in the multiverse.) So why not talk about this figure and this phenomenon? Well, to the guilty bystanders, it sounds like we’re all a bunch of FF7 fanboys (& girls). And it’s not just blatant stuff like that; every time we talk about a subject related to our identities and experiences we attract mockery from all corners.

Even when we lock our posts and participate in hidden forums, they find ways in. It sounds melodramatic, but it’s objectively true. People care enough about what we say that they think it’s worth it to CREATE SPIES IN OUR PRIVATE FORUMS AND RELAY INFORMATION BACK TO THE PUBLIC. Why the hell is that?And if they’re that determined, what lengths do we have to go to, to get some respect and privacy?

So what’s the solution? Up to now it’s been to clam up, and not talk about it. We tacitly go our separate ways, and if we say anything, we say it in veiled terms, in our private spaces.

But even that doesn’t work.

People who haven’t so much as mentioned being otakukin in months find their unrelated websites and journals routinely plastered with anti-otakukin mockery and bullshit. I kid you not; I and others I know have as recently as in the past few days, and as routinely as every week, had hate-speech posted on journal entries as benign as talking about new hairstyles, or friend memes.

Just yesterday (6/10/09)I got a three or four new messages on my deviantart account, mocking me and referencing a dA forum post that I made nearly 3 years ago. You’d think the joke would have gotten old by now. And I get this kind of stuff every week or so, even though I haven’t made any reference to otakukin in a loooong time.

So I say, screw it. If we refuse to have new discussions, they seek us out and mock our old ones. There’s no point in avoiding a subject that they seem unwilling to let go of.

It gets me nowhere to stay silent, so I will talk about my identity and experiences when and where I please, and I hope that other kin will do the same, because if we don’t hang together, then they’ll hang us all separately.

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