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How should I respond to an otakukin friend?

Assuming that you are not an Otakukin yourself, you may be wondering how to deal with it if you have just discovered that someone close to you is Ota. Like any deeply personal issue, it should be handled with delicacy, respect and sensitivity.

If you have discovered your friend’s nature in an accidental fashion, and not been told directly by your friend, I would suggest that you not broach the subject at all. If they were comfortable discussing the matter, they would likely have told you straight out, and asking them about it is likely to cause them both shock and dismay. If its something that you have an interest in, suggest to your friend that you are always open to talk to, and will care about them no matter what. Try bringing up the subject of religion, or spirituality, and see if they bring up Otakukin.

If your friend has told you outright that they are Otakukin, and what that means, it is because they are expecting you to be sensitive and because they felt it was something you needed to know. Do not jump to any conclusions about your friend’s sanity or lack thereof. If you are concerned about the subject, ask them politely about their feelings and beliefs. In all likelihood you will find that while their beliefs may be strange, they are in no way harmful. If on the other hand, it is something that you just don’t want to hear about, don’t bring it up in conversation. If they continually bring the subject up, either listen as well as you can, because they probably feel they need someone to talk to about it, or if you have to, change the subject, or tell them its something you don’t want to talk about.

Overall, just remember to always be respectful and caring towards your friends, despite whatever they may believe.