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Does the concept of Otakukin negate creativity?

Many people when faced Otakukin, who believe that they have come from worlds of fiction, become immediately offended on the behalf of authors. These people claim that if Otakukin exist it negates the creativity of authors, casting them instead as some sort of historical chroniclers or cross-world seers. If fantasy is true, they ask, then where is the room for imagination?

Some Otakukin believe that this is true, that there is no such thing as ‘creativity’ per se, and that all fiction is truth through a filter, with the authors having visions, more or less accurate, of the worlds they write about. These Otas may ask if historical fiction is less creative than ‘original’ fiction (and concede that it may be seen as such).

Others argue that authors are very ‘creative’ indeed, actually calling the worlds into existence as they are written, elevating them to a godlike status.

Another interpretation, however, is that while the author does not call the universe into being by imagining it, he is not merely a passive viewer and scribe either. Rather the author imagines his world, and writes his novels, all from his own imagination. It is merely a coincidence that the world that he imagined also in fact, exists.

For instance, it is possible for an isolated person who has seen a horse to imagine a zebra a llama without ever knowing that such a creature exists on another part of his world. Similarly, we are able to imagine fantastic things, simply by basing them on our own observations, and changing them, either a little or a lot. Whether or not our imaginings truly exist in some far off place we have no access to is moot. The beast we imagined is wholly a product of our imagination.

All of these beliefs, of course, hinge on the idea of there being multiple, if not infinite worlds or realities other than our own. While this idea has grounding in science, both in Quantum and String theory, it cannot yet be proven one way or another. Otakukin must therefore take it on faith that the worlds from which they come exist in some way or another.