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Should I “come out” as Otakukin?

If you’re an Otakukin who’s been ‘awakened’ for a while, you may have the urge to tell people about the feelings you have, and the beliefs you hold. Whether you want to tell people on line, your friends and family, or everyone you meet on the street, its probably a good idea to think about the possible consequences beforehand. Being able to be yourself around people can be a positive experience, but be aware that there are definite problems.

 If you’re feeling isolated by your identity and experiences, looking for someone to talk to about them, I recommend introducing yourself to the Otakin community on livejournal. Otakin tends to be very friendly and accepting and will provide an environment where you can at least talk about your identity without attempting to humiliate or institutionalize yourself. Be warned however that there are trolls who lurk on the community who may mock or ‘out’ you as Ota, even if you don’t post the information anywhere else, or on your personal journal. If you are fearful of this possibility, or want to keep your Otakukin nature away from your online persona, don’t hesitate to start a new LJ in order to post on the community, no one will blame you.

 If you are wondering if you should tell your immediate family about being Otakukin, the short answer is ‘probably not’, that is, unless you have extremely liberal and open-minded parents, or extenuating circumstances mean that you absolutely have to. Remember that most people think Otas are delusional escapists at best, and dangerously psychotic at worst.

 If you do end up telling your family, for whatever reason, make sure you explain the idea thoroughly to them. Reassure them that you don’t think they’re ‘not your family’ because of your Otakukin identity, and that you aren’t deluded into thinking you have magical super powers, or that you’re going to be kidnapped into another dimension by fairies. Its probably best explained as a modern and personal spirituality.

 As for telling your friends about your being Otakukin, there shouldn’t be a problem if they are truly your good friends. If you think it will make you more comfortable and happier to let them know, the worst a good friend should do is consider it another of your ‘quirks’.

 Remember, while not talking about your Otakukin nature may feel like you are keeping a secret, its not necessary to let everyone know about such a personal issue, and if talking about this aspect of yourself makes you uncomfortable around a person, just leave the topic alone.