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What do Otakukin Believe

Otakukin believe that they, for one reason or another, have the souls of anime characters, or the souls of people/entities from worlds depicted in anime, or in other modern fiction. Does this mean that there are people who believe that they were Sailor Moon in a past life; people that believe for all intents and purposes that they are Sailor Moon now? Yes it does, although this is not always the case. Many Otakukin simply find a certain anime to be… hauntingly familiar in someway, like a house you moved out of when you were three. Some Otakukin believe that a certain anime is merely their spiritual home, where they ‘should’ have been born, or that they lived there in a past life but were someone inconsequential to the plot of that anime.

 What is it that Otakukin base their beliefs on? Many people when faced with the phenomenon of Otakukin simply jump to the conclusion that Otakukin are simply sad little fanpeople who broke their brain watching one anime too many and, no longer able to distinguish fact from fantasy, began to latch onto an anime character or characters in order to supplement their obviously feeble personalities and low self esteem.

In truth most Otakukin are fairly stable people who have come to their beliefs and conclusions about the nature of their identities after long, and often times unpleasant, periods of souls searching and self-discovery. Very rarely does a person simply watch an episode of Naruto and decide, all at once, that they are obviously the reincarnation of Kakashi.

The beginning of an Otakukin's self-discovery generally begins in early childhood. Typical young Otakukin my experience feelings of unexplainable loss, dissociation from the rest of the world, isolation from ones peers, feelings of entitlement, and a general sense that the world isn’t quite how its supposed to be. As a child gets older these feelings may lessen (or grow) in potency depending on factors including how well the child is adapting to this world, whether or not they experience any acute trauma or resonance from their Otakukin identity, etc.

If and when an Otakukin will ‘awaken’ to their deeper identity in a meaningful sense varies from person to person. We of course have no way to judge the number of Otakukin who are left unawakened, or merely not vocal in the current Otakin group; however, given that the number of people that are known to claim themselves Otakukin is quite small, even when compared to other ‘bizarre’ social groups, we can guess that the number of Otakukin unknown to us is correspondingly small.

In all stages during awakening an Otakukin may have strange and vivid dreams, or memories that return in dreams, which cause deep emotion in them. A powerful response to these dreams if they are had before he/she has seen the anime that they are attached to, may confuse an Otakukin who wants to write the memories off as any other dreams. Also, during the day an Otakukin may feel strange episodes of resonance, or déjà vu if events in their current life echo or reflect their Otakukin identity.

 Not all Otakukin experience dreams or resonances before being exposed to the fiction which records their identity, or if they do, they will be unable to interpret them other than as ‘weird’ and try to put them out of mind. Typical awakening requires a trigger, a powerful resonant event, usually in the form of seeing their identity reflected back at them through a television screen.

When faced with their anime an Otakukin may find they have a deep familiarity with the world in which it occurs, or that they have odd foreknowledge of the plot, or feel like they know the characters.

 All Otakukin react differently to the experience of being awakened, typical reactions include denial, fascination, self-doubt, and questioning ones sanity. Especially if memories or resonant events begin to happen more often or more powerfully, or old, put away ones are remembered an Otakukin might begin to think themselves disturbed, or foolish.

 Awakening may be an extremely unpleasant experience due to confusion brought on by memories, or exaggerated feelings of isolation when one is finally able to put a name to what has been missing all along.

 Sometimes it is very difficult for someone to accept that they are Otakukin, because of how ridiculous seriously claiming to be an anime character sounds out loud. Many however, find that upon accepting their identity as truth, whether or not they go around claiming it, or acting on it, many of the pressures and tensions that had been on them begin to lift.

 In the end being an Otakukin is not a choice, one either is or is not, and no amount of denial in either direction will change that fact. My only advice to Otakukin in the process of awakening is to stay strong, and don’t be afraid to look for help where it will be given.